The Ways Massage Can Vary
AKA: Modalities

The various ways of performing massage depend on the therapists' training, specialty, and what each client needs. My schooling introduced me to 15 different modalities, manipulating the body's innate energy flow and soft tissue, including your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and all fascia. My primary focus is on the soft tissue that inhibits normal movement, or has been damaged by injury or overuse. The following modalities are what I use most, combined together to get the best results for each client.

Types of Massage

The base of Orthopedic Massage blurs the line between muscle and bone work. The joints are the main area being manipulated, but the soft tissue within the joint, not the bones is what the therapist is working. By releasing the muscles surrounding the joint first, moving the bones together and then in unfamiliar ways, the cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and synovial fluid are all addressed. The big advantage, aside from being able to actually work new areas of the body traditionally not manipulated by massage, is the profound effect and prevention it has on osteoarthritis.

Developed in Russian, it was first performed only on terminally ill patients. Unlike traditional Swedish massage, the focus of Russian is to have a predictable, measurable outcome. Massage in general has benefits on muscles, circulatory system, cardiovascular system, and more. When using Russian techniques, there is a specific speed, direction, hand position, and pressure to elicit a specific change to have a desired outcome. It is also one of the only modalities that can specifically affect nerve damage. Whether it is a stroke survivor with impaired abilities, or lack of sensation following surgery, specific work in those affected areas can re-grow or re-train the nerve signals. It can be applied to the body to be relaxing, stimulating, therapeutically, or very specifically.

Recovering from an injury is not always due exclusively to a muscular dysfunction, but the soft tissue is always impacted. The most crucial mistake anyone makes during rehab is to ignore the primary functioning of muscles and other soft tissue in the affected area. For example, nerve damage can become permanent if the tissues surrounding and directly affected by the injury are not treated. Much focus is given to the skin and removing swelling and addressing compensating musculature is the primary focus of each massage session.

A sport is defined as any routine activity. Therefore, going to work and sitting in the same position, riding in the car for extended periods of time regularly, and playing the same sport continuously are all viewed the same when it come to using sports massage techniques. The goal of sports massage is to release the muscles and other tissue that is shortened from the activity, and to strengthen the opposing muscles and tissues that are over-stretched by the repeated activity. Specific stretches and range of motion of the joints are included in this massage.

Benefits of Massage
How does Massage benefit you?

There are several reasons people choose to receive a massage. For some, it is a stress-reliever, for others it allows them to participate in the daily activities of life.


Additional Benefits

Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The body naturally reacts to positive and negative stress. The reaction causes your body to increase the production of cortisol** and puts your body in the "fight or flight" response. The only way to combat the effects on the body is put it into a state of physical relaxation.

**Cortisol has been shown to increase the amount of fatty deposits in the body (especially in the abdominal area), increase risk for heart attack, heart disease, cancer, respiratory dysfunction, and many other medical conditions.

Massage helps lengthen muscle tissue and break-up scar tissue, allowing the body to move more easily and bend.

By increasing the awareness of how your body feels and where your body needs help.

In two ways:
1) manipulating the soft tissues of the body to increase circulation and increase the rate of repair to a damaged/overused area;
2) depressing the nervous system and the pain receptors in a local area.

By increasing the blood flow, circulation of nutrients, and removal of toxins, the body feels energized and performs more efficiently.

Full-body massage brings your awareness to areas of the body that were otherwise never touched, never known to be tense or painful, or never realized the potential for use. Chronic pain dulls the body, thereby cutting off receptors in the skin and muscles.

Receiving regular massages as maintenance, comfort, a treat, recovery, pain management, or various other reasons allows the overall function of the body to improve. Muscles, skin, tendons, ligaments, respiratory function, heart function, immune function, organ function, lymphatic flow, and elimination processes all perform better and allow you as the client to perform better and recover faster from exercise and daily routines.

*Benefits vary depending on specific modality, these listed are general benefits.

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The first question that always come up when I tell someone I am a Massage Therapist is; "What do you charge?"

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-Intoxication (any alcohol consumption) will not be permitted. There are many negative effects on the body when combining massage with alcohol. Client will be asked to leave and charged full price for a treatment session.